Silenus Giten

Silenus as he appears in Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mokushiroku

Silenus (シレーノス, Shirenosu) is a demon in the series.


The tutor and companion of the Greek god Dionysus. He was said to be the most drunk, wisest and oldest of all of the god´s companions and that he possessed the power of prophecy when drunk. Although most of Dionysus companions were satyrs, Silenus was not one of them but a sileni, a creature similar to a satyr but with horse features instead of goat ones.



Silenus Giten
Race Alignment Level HP MP
Jirae Neutral-Neutral 27 582 109
CP Intuition Will Power Magic Intelligence Divine Protection
38 15 22 12 13 27
Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Charm
36 40 7 9
List of Skills
Knee Kick Damudo Hell Thrust
Panic Voice Diarama Tetra

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