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The Aerospace Museum (空の科学館?) is a dungeon in the Persona 2 dualogy.




The Sky Museum in flames as the blimp takes off

Eternal PunishmentEdit

The team first enters the Sky Museum in order to find Tatsuya Sudou. There, they find kids from a school in a field trip, and Jun Kashihara; Both he and Maya have the impression that they've met before. Jun then explains that he went to the museum as a letter told him to, in order to meet a "friend". Afterwards, Sudou's voice appears from a speaker and says that several bombs are timed to go off in 30 minutes, "just like in the Other Side" as he puts it. From this moment on, the player has 30 minutes to find all the children in all the floors, and take them to the roof. It should be noted that time passes during battles as well, and even while the player is checking the menu or the map. Upon reaching 4F, Sudou makes it clear that he's just trying to remake the happenings of the Other Side, in order to make Maya remember.

In the rooftop, the team meets Sudou, which has taken Jun as hostage, and the "Deja Vu Boy" (Tatsuya Suou). The remaining bombs then explode, creating a hole on the floor, which Jun pushes Sudou into after the latter attempts to kill Maya. The team, plus Tatsuya and Jun, then enter the blimp located in the rooftop, and fly away as the museum explodes. However, Sudou manages to get into the blimp, and a boss battle ensues. Tatsuya briefly joins the party at this point for the battle.

Once the battle is over, Sudou dies, and the blimp crashes. Tatsuya is not seen in the shore the team and Jun appear on.


Eternal PunishmentEdit

  • 2F: Item/Medicine (x3), Item/Ball of Returning (x2)
  • 3F: Item/Bead of Protection, Item/Damascus Drink, Item/Gala-Gala Drink (x2)
  • 4F: Item/Incense of Life, Item/Chewing Soul (x2)


  • Indigo boxes indicate Innocent Sin bosses.
  • Purple boxes indicate Eternal Punishment Bosses.

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Enemy LV HP Arcana Weak Strong Void Absorb Reflect Area
Robin Goodfellow 117706.0LoversWindEarth - - -4F
Cockatrice 118121.0WorldShot, EarthSword, Attack - - -4F
Moh Shuvuu 128814.0TemperanceShot, EarthSword, Attack - - -4F
Kimnara 129617.0StarWaterFire - - -4F
Ixtab 136513.0Death - -Holy, Dark - -4F
Ochre Jelly 138416.0TowerHolyDark - - -4F
Tatsuya Sudou 20~1100HumanWater - -Fire -Blimp
Shax 12~400?Shot, Fire, EarthSword, AttackWater - -Blimp
Minotaur 13~400?MagicPhysical - - -Blimp


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