Spartacus, front (right) and back (left) views.

Spartacus (スパルタクス, Suparutakusu) is a persona in the series.


Spartacus according to the history of Ancient Rome was a slave and gladiator. He was an iconic symbol of freedom and rebellion against oppression. This is attributed to the story of Spartacus being a leader of the slave uprising against the Republic, known as the Third Servile War, but was killed during the rebellion.



Persona -trinity soul-

Spartacus is the Persona of Takuro Sakakiba. Despite naturally awakening to his powers, Takuro struggles to control Spartacus when it is summoned, often losing balance and being thrown about as Spartacus moves. Of all the Persona users in -trinity soul-, Takuro spends the longest time learning to control and manipulate his, something he admits may have been due to his fear of it. In the final episode, when confronting the clone of Ayane Komatsubara, it uses a wide-ranging electricity spell.


Spartacus First
Spartacus first summoned in battle
Spartacus Training
Takuro training with Spartacus
Spartacus Truck
Spartacus stops a truck

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