Seal of St. Hermelin High School.

St. Hermelin High School (聖エルミン学園, Sei Erumin Gakuen)? is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona. It is the educational institution that the protagonist and his friends go to and is set in the town of Mikage-cho.



It's a large building with a swimming pool, a newly remodeled gym and several extracurricular clubs such as Ballet and Archery. The uniform is grey and white. The school's Drama club has a long history of putting on performances of The Snow Queen, a play by Hans Christian Andersen- however, every girl who played the lead role (and worn the Snow Queen Mask) died in unusual circumstances.

During the SEBEC route of Persona the school is the only place in Mikage-cho that isn't infested by demons. But in the Snow Queen Quest, it's transformed into a four-towered castle covered in ice.

In Persona 2, several students from St. Hermelin can be seen around Sumaru City. In the PSP edition, the first two Theatre episodes take place in St. Hermelin. Maya Amano is sent to investigate the successful Class 2-3, ran by Mr Kariyazaki. She takes Tatsuya Suou, Lisa Silverman and Eikichi Mishina as 'assistants'. (Since you can attempt the episode with either Jun Kurosu or Yukino Mayuzumi, neither of them have dialogue or appear outside battles.) However, the true story behind the classroom is much darker...



  • Protagonist.
  • Maki Sonomura, a student who's been hospitalized for nearly a year.
  • Masao Inaba, a delinquent with an affection for graffiti.
  • Kei Nanjo, the snobbish heir of the Nanjo Group.
  • Hidehiko Uesugi, an attention-seeking class clown.
  • Eriko Kirishima, a ladylike student fascinated with the occult.
  • Yuka Ayase, a bleach-blonde and air-headed girl.
  • Reiji Kido, a mysterious loner.
  • Yukino Mayuzumi, an ex-delinquent dedicated to her teacher Saeko.
  • Tamaki Uchida, the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei: if... and new transfer student.
  • Yuko Himeno, a girl who comes from an poor family and has to work part-time for her whole family
  • Tadashi Satomi, heir of Tadashi Pharmaceuticals and arch-rival of Tamaki.
  • Kenta Yokouchi, a chunky student with a crush on Yuka.
  • Kumi Hirose, a shy student who was a previous Snow Queen victim and was later made guardian of Hypnos Tower.
  • Michiko Matsudaira, an egotistical student who was a previous Snow Queen victim and was later made guardian of Nemesis Tower.
  • Yuriko Yamamoto, a two-faced student who was a previous Snow Queen victim and was later made guardian of Thanatos Tower.
  • Tomomi Fujimori, Saeko's former best friend and victim of the Snow Queen.
  • Takahisa Kandori, alumnus and former student council president.
  • Rose Futaba, a student in Mr. Kariyazaki's class, she appears to know about what's going on in the class.
  • Akari Torikiri, the younger sister of Musubu Torikiri, who committed suicide.



Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

  • 2F - Metal Card, Turquoise


  • Light Grey boxes indicate bosses.

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Demon Order Lvl HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Dribbler Spirit15150Sword, Fire, Expel -Gun, Tech, Rush - -Guten Tag
Hannya Brute16160Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Guren no Muchi
Nue Wilder16132Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Medicine
Nisroc Fallen17170Physical -Magic * - -Slick Drop
Bukimi Spirit19170Sword, Fire, Expel -Gun, Tech, Rush - -Majou-Sen
Lilim Night19133Physical - -100% Element, Force -Poisma Stone
Toufei Flight19144Gun -Wind - -Magaru Stone
Ogre Jaki19190ForceElement - - -Onyx
Kobold Jirae20200Wind, Blast - -100% Earth -Life Stone
Nekomata Beast20150Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Turtle Candy
Hanako Spirit25250Sword, Fire, Expel -Gun, Tech, Rush - -Life Stone
Tesso Wilder361250Elec, RushNuclear, Gravity Bow, Fist, Gun - - - -


SQQ School
St Hermelin during the Snow Queen Quest
P5 St. Hermelin High School costumes DLC
Uniforms in Persona 5

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