Status effects are conditions that affects a character or demon during battle. These effects are mostly negative, and while many are volatile and wear off at the end of battle, some will persist while exploring field areas. Some demons are naturally resistant to status effects, either to the associated skill type or to ailments in general (Anti-Ailment).

Some skills, such as Eternal Rest, will cause instant death to targets under a specific ailment. Also exact effects may vary slightly between games.


A list of status effects that appeared in almost all titles in the series:

Name Effect
Freeze Prevents any action in battle. Usually caused by ice skills, and generally only lasts for one turn. In later games, attacking a frozen enemy is guaranteed to cause a critical hit.
Shock Prevents any action in battle. Usually caused by electric skills, and generally only lasts for one turn. In later games, attacking a shocked enemy is guaranteed to cause a critical hit.
Poison Depletes health at the end of each turn, often persisting on the field. Typically removed by Posumudi or Dis-Poison.
Paralyze Paralyzed characters are unable to move. Unlike Shock, this often persists for more than one turn. Typically removed by Paraladi or Dis-Paralyze.
Confused Confused characters become indecisive, and may either attack a random enemy, do nothing, or flee in a panic.
Charm Character begins attacking their own allies. Typically removed with Charmdi or Dis-Charm.
Stone Prevents the target from moving. This persists even on the field, and is treated as similar to being dead. In most games, if the protagonist is petrified, it is game over. In some games, Force spells will shatter a petrified opponent.
Sleep Prevents any action in battle. Character loses a turn.
KO Can no longer participate in battle. In most games, if the protagonist dies, it is game over. Can only be recovered with Recarm spells.


A list of status effects that appeared in some titles in the series:

Name Effect Appearance(s)
Bomb When hit by an attack bomb explodes, dealing damage to the demon/entire party. Defending will prevent damage. ?
Happy Overjoyed and will not attack for a turn. Shin Megami Tensei
Rage Attack is increased, but the afflicted will attack anyone other than themselves as if they were Charmed. Persona 4
Persona 5
Down Character may get their turn skipped, and takes more damage from their elemental weakness. Persona series
Hungry Hungry characters will become indecisive. On their turn, they will either not take action and receive a small amount of Almighty damage, or attack an ally. In Avatar Tuner, only curable by the Song of Grace. DDS: Avatar Tuner
Persona 5

Game SpecificEdit

Shin Megami Tensei III:Nocturne Edit

Name Effect
Fly Renders the afflicted target with weakness to Expel attacks. Only caused by Baal Avatar's Bael's Bane ability. Wears off after battle.

Shin Megami Tensei IV Edit

Name Effect
Sick Reduces affected character's outgoing damage by 25%, its evasion to 0, and increases damage taken by 25%. At the end of a turn with a party holding this character, there's 5% chance that another character will be infected. Can be cured with Dis-Poison or Posumudi skill.
Brand DLC only. Reduces HP and MP recovery to 1 point. Can't be cured, but wears off randomly or automatically after battle.

Majin Tensei II: Spiral NemesisEdit

Name Effect
Bind Prevents any action from a unit.
Close Prevents a unit from using their magic. Represented by kissing and hearts when inflicted by skills.

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar TunerEdit

Name Effect
Ache After a successful hunt, the character that just ate might get affected by a stomach ache. Occasionally inflicted as a side effect from eating a Moldy Roll. This prevents the character from gaining any AP after the battle. Note that his allies still won't get any AP from the consumed monster. Cured by Dis-Ache and Achedi and prevented from infliction via successful hunt by Iron Stomach.
Bat Reduces all stats and makes the affected character weak to Force. Wears off over time or when battle ends.

Devil Survivor Edit

Name Effect
Egg When the team holding the affected character has their next turn, the affected character takes a large amount of Almighty damage, and a Maggot is summoned next to them. Only inflicted by Belzeboul and his minions' Spawn attack.

Persona 5 Edit

Name Effect
Despair Drains SP every turn, cannot move
Dies/Faints after 3 turns have passed
Mouse Form Cannot move, damage taken increased


Status IconsEdit

Shin Megami Tensei
Frozen Status SMT
Shock Status SMT
Poison Status SMT
Stunned Status SMT
Charmed Status SMT
Stone Status SMT
Sleep Status SMT
Bind Status SMT
Curse Status SMT
Fly Status SMT
Frog Status SMT
Low HP Status SMT
Mute Status SMT
Normal Status SMT
Panic Status SMT
Happy Status SMT
Dead Status SMT
Shin Megami Tensei IV
PoisonIcon SMTIV
CharmIcon SMTIV
SleepIcon SMTIV
SickIcon SMTIV
BindIcon SMTIV
LostIcon SMTIV
PanicIcon SMTIV
SealIcon SMTIV
StunIcon SMTIV
Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Charm Icon IS
Mute Icon IS
Panic Icon IS
Possession Icon IS
Freeze Icon IS
Fury Icon IS
Illusion Icon IS
Poison Icon IS
Shock Icon IS
Sleep Icon IS
Dying Icon IS
KO Icon P1

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