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This article is about the Arcana. For the Shadow, see Arcana Strength.

The Strength Arcana (剛毅?, or ?) is a recurring Arcana in the Persona series.


"The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
Only with strength can one endure suffering and torment.
—Nyx Avatar, Persona 3

Portrayed as a young woman holding up a terrifying beast (more often a lion), the Strength Arcana symbolizes an imagery beyond the Beast And Beauty, and is associated with the morality about the stronger power of self-control, gentleness, courage and virtue over brute force. In tarot readings, it can also represent creative or physical energy that needs to be or is about to be unleashed, sometimes out of desire to be recognized. The card is also named Fortitude in some decks, further giving meanings revolving on courage.

Gameplay-wise, the Personas of the Strength Arcana are commonly Personas excelling in Physical attributes. Archetypes embodied by Strength Arcana Personas are warrior figures and heroes, or are figures that embody strength of body or character.

A commonality between characters of the Strength Arcana is their strength of heart. Strength characters are not upset easily and typically portray the fortitude that the Strength card represents in readings.


List of PersonasEdit

The Strength Arcana in Persona 1 and Persona 2 contains Personas all from the Dragons species, mostly of the Snake race. The other Arcana shares this trait is the World Arcana.

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Persona Level
PSP Revelations
Otohime Viper 50

Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

Persona Level
Longma 12
Otohime 21
Culebre 29
Taksaka 43
Vritra 56

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Persona Level
Ryume 12
Otohime 21
Kerepres 29
Takshaka 43
Vrita 56
Wong Long 68

Persona 3Edit

The Strength Arcana Social Link is represented by Yuko Nishiwaki, the team manager of the protagonist's sports club. The Social Link can be initiated after the Protagonist attends the Sports Club he chose (between Kendo, Track Team and Swimming) twice, in which Yuko invites the Protagonist to a coffee shop after their sports practice.

The Strength Arcana powers up everytime the Protagonist interacts with Yuko, where he helps her to understand her dreams and her future career. Upon completing the Social Link, Yuko will give the Protagonist a thank you-letter which the children they had trained, bestowing the Ultimate Form of the Strength Arcana, Siegfried, "the Bearer of Victory."

The Strength Arcana is also the Persona Arcana of Koromaru, a member of SEES.

Persona Level
Cerberus Persona of Koromaru
Valkyrie 13
Titan 21
Jikokuten 29
Hanuman 37
Narasimha 46
Kali 49
Siegfried 55


The Strength Arcana remains relatively the same as Persona 3, however, an exclusive Persona, Rakshasa was added in the Strength Arcana repertoire.

Persona Level
Cerberus Persona of Koromaru
Valkyrie 11
Rakshasa 16
Titan 23
Jikokuten 29
Hanuman 37
Narasimha 46
Kali 55
Siegfried 59


If the Female Protagonist is chosen, the Social Link will be represented by Koromaru.

Persona 4Edit

The Strength Arcana Social Link is initiated after the Protagonist chooses to join one of the school's sports clubs. The player may choose between the Basketball Team led by Kou Ichijo, or the Soccer Team led by Daisuke Nagase.

Should the Protagonist choose to join the Basketball Team, he helps Kou to understand his worries and woes of being an adopted son of his family. On the other hand, should the Protagonist choose to join the Soccer Team, the Protagonist helps Daisuke to understand his mixed feelings and his uneasiness towards girls. In either event, the Protagonist would interact with both Kou and Daisuke during the events of the Strength Arcana.

Completing the Strength Arcana Social Link bestows the Protagonist the Ultimate Form of the Strength Arcana, Zaou-Gongen, The One Who Demands Surrender.

Persona Level
Sandman 5
Valkyrie 8
Titan 14
Rakshasa 23
Kusi Mitama 28
Oni 30
Hanuman 42
Kali 50
Siegfried 63
Zaou-Gongen 90

Persona Q: Shadow of the LabyrinthEdit

Persona Level
Cerberus Koromaru's Persona
Sandman 3
Valkyrie 8
Oni 17
Tsuchigumo 26
Rakshasa 34
Hanuman 41
Ouyamatsumi 53
Siegfried 58
Kali 63
Zaou-Gongen 80

Persona 5Edit

The Strength Arcana is represented by the Confidant with Caroline and Justine, which ranks up as the protagonist completes their request of fusing specific a Persona with a specific skill. This Confidant unlocks the fusion of more than 2 Personas, Lockdown, and the ability to fuse Personas with an higher level than the player as it ranks up.

Completing the Strength Arcana Confidant will also bestow the ultimate form of the Arcana, Zaou-Gongen.

Persona Level
Kelpie 6
Kusi Mitama 14
Oni 19
Rakshasa 24


List of DemonsEdit

Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

Persona Level
Apep 9
Kiyohime 17
Culebre 29
Python 35
Taksaka 43
Fafnir 52

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Persona Level
Apep 9
Kiyohime 17
Kerepres 29
Python 35
Taksaka 43
Fafnir 53
Vasuki 63
Azhi Dahaka 78

Card DesignsEdit

Strength IS
Persona 2
Persona 3 FES
P5 Strength Arcana
Persona 5

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