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Suguru Kamoshida


Suguru Shadow

Japanese Name 鴨志田 卓
Romaji Kamoshida Suguru
First Appearance Persona 5
Japanese VA Yuji Mitsuya
"So you're the new transfer student, right? Cause any trouble and you'll be expelled. Understand?"
—Suguru Kamoshida, Persona 5

Suguru Kamoshida is a character from Persona 5.



Kamoshida has long black unkempt hair and thick eyebrows. His jawline is broad and square. He wears white sport T-shirt and black sport trousers with double white stripes.

His Shadow Self wears a gold crown, red heart printed cape, and a pink underwear.


"That douche bag was a monster. We'll never become someone like that."
—Ryuji Sakamoto describing Suguru Kamoshida, Persona 5

Kamoshida being described by Ryuji Sakamoto as a monster. He is a lustful, cruel, and utterly selfish bully who abuses his female students emotionally and sexually, and is willing to sabotage the athletes rival sports of his own school purely so his own class rises to prominence. He believes his relative success as a coach gives him the privilege to do whatever he wants, and is so driven by his darker passions that his Shadow Self is largely indistinguishable from his true self, the only difference being that Shadow Kamoshida is more dramatic and honest about the selfishness and egotism that drives his actions. He is aware his sexual desire for his students is aberrant, but ignores the consequences of his lusts and his Shadow Self admits it's more about domination than actual attraction. After the Phantom Thieves steal his Treasure, he loses his belief that he is the ruler of the school and realizes his actions have caused irrevocable pain and suffering to his team, and he willingly resigns and submits himself to arrest and therapy for his narcissism.

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

Suguru Anne

Kamoshida with an illusion of Anne.

Kamoshida is the volleyball coach of Syujin High School. Kamoshida is shown threatening to expel the protagonist from Syujin. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts eventually plans a heist to steal his corrupt heart at Kamoshida Palace.

P5 Asmodeus boss appearances

Asmodeus boss fight.

At some point, he transforms into or is possibly possessed by Asmodeus, and his mutated form is a boss. The cause of his corruption is his ephebophilia towards his students, Anne Takamaki in particular, and he molested Shiho Suzui, Anne's friend. Kamoshida considers himself the king of the school, which is reflected in his Palace, the Old Castle, where the columns in the room are supported by statues of female torsos in typical Japanese gym outfits and his treasure being his "crown".


Suguru (卓) can mean "table" or "tall" or compose phrases like "excellence" (卓越/卓抜). Kamoshida (鴨志田) is a rather common Japanese surname and literally means "duck-aspiration-field".

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