Svadilfari LB 3

Svadilfari as it appears in Last Bible III

Svadilfari (スワディルファリ, Suwadirufari) is a demon in the series.


Known as Svaðilfari in Norse mythology, this creature was a magical stallion that fathered Sleipnir with Loki (transformed into a mare). Its myth tells how the gods agree to hand out Freya, Sól (The Sun) and Maní (The Moon) to an unnamed giant who promised to build a wall surrouding Asgard in three seasons only with the help of his horse, Svadilfari. The horse made almost all the work and the deed was about to be finished when the gods discover it was all a ploy made by Loki, so they threaten him to devise a plan to make the giant fail so as not to pay him. Loki transforms into a mare and makes Svadilfari run after him all night, making the wall unfinished by the time limit.



Last Bible IIIEdit

Level HP MP Attack Defense
23 225 86 75 35
Strength Endurance Intelligence Speed Luck
17 18 8 14 10
Equipment Weapons, Accessory Card Location Thrace Police
List of Skills

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