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Tae Takemi
P5 Tae Takemi
Japanese Name 武見 妙
Romaji Takemi Tae
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana Death
Japanese VA Yuka Saitō
"Oh, well. All that matters is that thanks to you I was able to get some good data. OK, it's my turn to make good on my part of the deal. That's why I waited until you woke up. I don't want the general public to know about my original medicines. So you're strictly prohibited from disclosing what happens here to anyone... Understood?"
—Tae Takemi to the protagonist, Persona 5

Tae Takemi is a character in Persona 5.



Tae has dark blue hair in a messy bob-cut with blunt bangs and brown eyes. She has red nail polish on her nails and toenails.

Her outfit consists of a typical white lab-coat that is worn over a short black dress. She accessorizes with a red grommet belt, a black studded necklace choker which connects to multiple necklaces, and strappy black platform high heels.


Persona 5Edit

Tae Takemi is the owner of Takemi Medical Clinic in Yongenjaya. She believes in her own theory of pharmaceutics and sells barely legal prescriptions to her patients secretly. She originally worked for a university but was fired after she was scapegoated for a disastrous medical trial she advised against, and it is eventually revealed her clinical trial is actually an attempt to perfect the drug and regain her credibility.


Tae's Confidant progresses through the protagonist working as the test subject of her clinical trial. To rank up her Confidant above rank 2 requires level 2 guts at least.

The item received by maxing Tae's Confidant is a dog tag, which can buy all sorts of medical supplies.

118th AprilQuick HealAdd more healing items to the clinic.
3?SterilizationAdd more healing items to the clinic.


Persona 5
Takemi Tae Office
Tae in her medical clinic.
Tae talk
Tae talking to the protagonist.
Tae after Valentine's Day.
Persona 5 Portraits
P5 portrait of Tae Takemi
Tae Takemi's portrait
P5 portrait of Tae's casual attire
Tae's casual attire

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