Official artwork from Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children (PS).

Taikoubou (タイコウボウ, Taikoubou) is a demon in the series.


Based on a Chinese historical figure Jiang Ziya (姜子牙). He was a sage and a genius military strategist. He first served under King Zhou of Shang (last ruler of the Shang dynasty). King Zhou would execute or punish anyone who oppose his way and spends his time partying with his favorite concubine Daji. Jiang Ziya hated him, but he waited for someone that will call on him to help overthrow King Zhou. He waited until he was 80 and day after day he would sit by the Wei River fishing. However, he always used a barbless hook or no hook, saying that the fish would come to him when they are ready (this is a reference to himself as he is waiting for someone who needs him to overthrow the king, but he dose not need to find this person. This person will find him when he is ready). Finally King Wen of Zhou state took interest in him and appointed him as prime minister. After King Wen died his throne was inherited by his son King Wu. With the advice of Jiang Ziya they were able to launch a successful attack and overthrow King Zhou.

In the Chinese classic novel Fengshen Yanyi (Creation of the Gods), Jiang Ziya is an apprentice of the immortal Yuanshi Tianzun. He left his master at 72 and was noticed by the Western Duke Ji Chang through his odd fishing method. Jiang Ziya assisted Ji Chang with building his dynasty.



Devil Children Black Book/Red Book (PS)

Taikoubou is obtained by defeating Genshi-tenson in Battle Net.


Taikoubou Sprite
Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
General Wind Ghost 998 50 525 240
46 47 51 50 46 54
List of Skills
MahabufuMediarahanMega Cyclone

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