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P4D TakuraPro Studio


Takura Productions is a location in Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

Profile Edit

  • Music: "Sign of Love"
  • Soundtrack: "Shadow World", "Junes Theme", "Shadow World" (ATLUS Kozuka Remix), "Heartbeat, Heartbreak" (TOWA TEI Remix), “Specialist” (“Never More” ver.) 
  • Dancer: Kanami Mashita, Nanako Dojima, and Yu Narukami

Takura Productions is a production company and practice studio for idols and dancers, production, and training for upcoming concert.

Gallery Edit

P4D TakuraPro Studio 01
Lesson Studio, night
P4D TakuraPro Studio 01, day
Lesson Studio, day
P4D TakuraPro Studio 02
P4D TakuraPro Studio 03
Photo Studio
P4D TakuraPro Studio 04
Dressing Room

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