Demons Edit

By now they are still called Demons right. --Cococrash11 (talk) 05:49, May 12, 2016 (UTC)

Agathion's True Demon NameEdit

You know that every shadow has a placeholder name, or demon name, before the protagionist obtains it, e.g. Pixie's Demon Name is Beguilding Girl. Is there any way of fusing another Persona besides Agathion during the Fusion Tutorial, and if so what is Agathion's true Demon Name. Because I know you encounter Agathion later on, so i think that it may be possible to find that out. --Tholmes01 (Talk ) 2:02 PM 23 April 2017 EST

You can fuse other Personas, but it depends on what you have available and the protagonist's level. Which is kind of shitty in that the game forces you to fuse something before allowing you to continue. Great Mara (talk) 17:54, April 23, 2017 (UTC)

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