Persona 3 Portable Time02:49

Persona 3 Portable Time

"Time" is a song featured in Persona 3 Portable. Composed by Shoji Meguro and written by Reiko Tanaka, it is the fourth track in the Persona 3 Portable Original Soundtrack. The song is played by the female protagonist in her first semester of Gekkoukan High School. Two instrumental variations of this track named "After School" (which is mashed up with an instrumental version of Soul Phrase) and "Easy Feelings", are used for some of her Social Link events.


Old dry winds go by
Lone air comes quietly
Old dry winds go by
Uncertain space you need to fill in

Every time goodbye to yesterday
Greeted by today
Smiling to tomorrow
No one really belongs
Each time we hope to stay around
I know how you feel
Beyond your words.

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