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Tokyo (東狂 Azumakyo) is a dungeon in the series.



Shin Megami Tensei IV FinalEdit

A giant Domain where the Fiends reside, this dungeon and its floors are named after Tokyo and landmarks/districts but with an alternate spelling. Each area concerning a fiend is written slightly different to reference the Fiend of that section of the dungeon. The dungeon itself only appears on the world map on War difficulty and above.

It is impossible to escape from random encounters in this area, they cannot be negotiated with, there is no map, floors become larger the deeper into the dungeon, the floors are randomly generated. Each Fiend must be beaten in 10 Turns or less, otherwise Nanashi will be sent to the entrance of the dungeon, however, the Fiend does not regain the HP lost from the fight. Fiends drop Incense and once beaten do not respawn normally in the game.

After the dlc fight against En no Ozuno the fiends can respawn at higher levels and stronger than before, joined by En no Ozuno at the end. Random encounters will also get strogner as well.

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