Tokyo Destinyland is a location in the series.


Tokyo Destinyland is based on Tokyo Disneyland.



Shin Megami TenseiEdit

It is where the player's alignment is either locked or changed drastically. The player can use the Golden Apple to restore Pascal-Cerberus' senses and have him rejoin the party; doing so will also allow the player to obtain the Dog Collar Visionary Item upon Echidna's defeat.

Persona 5Edit

Destinyland is located in Maihama. Because certain event scheduled by Okumura Foods was cancelled, Haru ensured that the Phantom Thieves of Hearts could use the reservation to celebrate in the restaurant of Destinyland after changing Kunikazu Okumura's heart. The Phantom Thieves also use their phones to watch the live press conference where Okumura attempts to reveal the existence of the Conspiracy before he dies in a mental shutdown due to the death of his Shadow Self.


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