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Touma Shikura
Japanese Name 紫倉統馬
Romaji Shikura Touma
First Appearance Episode 1
Persona Nebuzaradan
Affiliation Marebito
Japanese VA Daisuke Namikawa

Touma Shikura is a character in Persona -trinity soul-.



Touma appears to be a calm and collected individual, but under Ryo Kanzato's pressure, he shows more of a temper as he loses ground in the fight. He appears to implicitly trust the other members of Marebito, surprised when Yuji Kimoto fails to back him up. Without Yuji's support, he falls to Ryo's Persona Cain.


Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Touma Shikura acts as the field leader for Marebito during the earlier episodes of the series.

His death greatly affects his fellow Marebito member, Saki Tachibana. She struggles with accepting his death and it appears she held a great amount of affection for him. Her flashbacks of time spent with him show he cared about the other members of Marebito and had helped look after her in the past.

He later appears in the series as a voiceless, blank-eyed version of himself that did not recognize Saki and immediately attacked Ryo upon seeing him. After his defeat, Ryo looks into the autopsied body from their first confrontation specifically to confirm his death. This version of Touma was, instead, an illusion designed by Ayane Komatsubara.


Touma driving
Fake Touma's dead-eyed stare


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