Treasures are recurring items in the Megami Tensei series.



Persona Q: Shadow of the LabyrinthEdit

The Labyrinth's Guardians protected the treasures containing Rei's belongings when she was alive.

Persona 5Edit

Treasures play an important role in the game. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts steal the corrupt adult's hearts in the other world the Palace in order to reform them. The corrupted hearts all appear as treasures for the Phantom Thieves to steal, and when the treasures are successfully stolen the corrupted adults will feel remorse for their actions. Initially they appear as a formless cloud of rainbow energy, as the Palace's host is not focused on how they could lose it. However, if the host feels "threatened" of having a secret exposed, their treasure takes on a physical form, usually something related to the source of their ego. The Phantom Thieves achieve this by issuing a calling card directly to the palace's owner in the real world. Once taken out of the Palace, the host's world collapses into nothingness and the Treasure becomes a mundane but valuable item which the Thieves sell to finance themselves.

List of Treasures Edit

TargetForm in the MetaverseForm in the real world
Suguru KamoshidaCrownOlympic gold medal
Ichiryusai MadarameThe original Sayuri painting
Junya KaneshiroGold barsGolden briefcase
Futaba SakuraHerself
Kunikazu OkumuraMysterious orbModel kit
Sae NiijimaNever revealed
Masayoshi ShidoGolden steering wheelLegislator's pin

Sae is the only Palace owner who does not have her treasure revealed. However, it was theorized by Makoto to be their father's police journal.

Persona 5 The Animation The Day BreakersEdit

When the Phantom Thieves of Hearts defeated Kazuya Makigami's Shadow his treasure takes the form of a key. When his treasure was taken he feels remorseful for physically abusing his brother Naoya Makigami and the crimes he committed with his fellow thieves.

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