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Tsutomu Kurouri
Also known as Devil Boy
Japanese Name 黒瓜勉
Revelations Name Kain
First Appearance Megami Ibunroku Persona
Japanese VA Shūichirō Yoshimoto (Drama CD 1)
Katsuhito Nomura (Drama CD 2)
"He's an expert in the occult, but frequently has incorrect information."
—PSP introduction

Tsutomu Kurouri is a character in the Persona series. In Revelations: Persona he is known as Kain.



Tsutomu is a fan of the occult, like Eriko Kirishima, but is mostly incorrect in his information. In Maki Sonomura's Mikage-cho, he actually gives accurate info to the party. Tsutomu is also nicknamed "Devil Boy" by the students because of his enthusiasm for the occult. He is horrible at any kind of physical activity, claiming that his brain is his strongest muscle.

In the Snow Queen Quest, he is trapped inside of Nemesis Tower and tortured alongside Kenta Yokouchi by Michiko Matsudaira due to being "ugly". His punishment is doing push-ups, much to his dismay and lack of physical prowess.


  • According to the Persona World Guide, he is the nephew of "T-Shirt" Isono.

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