/DS, PSP, PS2, etc./

When I play a Megami Tensei game I have the best of times but the question is which is the best system to play it on?

The first Megami Tensei game I've ever played was Persona 3, after that I was hooked. Following 3(in order of me playing them) I played Persona 4, Devil Survivor, Persona(re-release on PSP), Strange Journey, Persona 3 Portable, and just recently Persona 3 FES. As you may or may not see this list of games bounce between three systems; PSP, DS and PS2. Nothing against PS2 or DS but my favorite system to play them on is the PSP. I've just recently been given a PSPGO and playing Persona 3 Portable is an everyday thing for me, I can not put it down. I suppose it the fact that it's so portable and the graphic look great. But who knows, maybe the release of the 3DS may change my mind since three games of Megami Tensei are already on the TBA list for the 3DS. Plus if they release one for PS3 I'll jump at the chance to play it.

So tell what is your favorite system to play Megami Tensei/why and if you could choose a new system to play on; which would you choose?

adam_tensei 04:30, December 30, 2010 (UTC)

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