• Bladeslash

    um hi

    August 16, 2011 by Bladeslash

    um im new here and i was just woundering if this is true for persona4 true ending

    yokska says "What do you want to do… Leader?" you say "wait a sec"

    then he says "what are you trying to say?" you say "where missing somthing"

    then he said "what dont we know!!" you say "namatamay true fellings"

    then he yells "what dident you undersant!!!?" yuo follow with "somethings bothering me"

    then he says "are you just stalling?" you reply "were missign somthing"

    then he yells a lot about not caring and "That's all I give a damn about right now" and thats were im stuck i think the answers "calm the hell down" but..... i really need help

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