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Monsuno Arcana list (just a thought)

Pof203 February 8, 2016 User blog:Pof203

This has been on my mind for sometime about the characters of Monsuno. Here's what I think.


Chase Suno

Arcana: The Fool

Reason: The main protagonist always has the Fool. The Fool is suppose to be infinate possibilities. That's something even Chase has. Being a Battler and a user of Monsuno Sight and having Lock as the Lynch Pin, I think that pretty much proves my point.


Arcana: The Magician

Reason: It's traditional that the protagonist's first male friend has this Arcana. Like the Arcana, Bren can be very be self-confident at times and has power in mind.


Arcana: Justice

Reason: Jinja has a strong sense of justice and fairness and has a strong will. Enough said.


Arcana: Priestess

Reason: Even though he is male, the Priestess Arcana is right for Beyal. He is shy but very wise. He also has a soft voice. Compare it to anyone with this Arcana. He also listens to his visions just like the Priestess does.


Arcana: The Emperor

Reason: He appears as rough and tough, deep down, he can be a bit emotional and is troubled by his parents' death. He appears cocky, he cares about his teammates and helps them when they need it.

Jeredy Suno

Arcana: The Hierophant

Reason: He's a scientist. He seeks knowledge. This is what lead him to discover Monsuno. He can also be a bit authoritative.

Sofia Suno

Arcana: The Empress

Reason: The Empress represents mothers. Sofia is Chase's mother. She also appears to be very elegant.

Jon Ace

Arcana: Hanged Man

Reason: He is torn between Jeredy Suno and S.T.O.R.M. He can also be self sacrificing in that one episode that lead him to become Toxic Ace.


Arcana: The Moon

Reason: He's mysterious. Enough said.


Arcana: The Lovers

Reason: I think she has a crush on Chase.


Marshall Charlemagne

Arcana: The Devil

Reason: Charlemagne is proud and greedy. A complete tyrant. The lady has a whip for God's sake.

Lieutentant Trey

Arcana: The Tower

Reason: Trey sounds a bit arrogant, just like characters of the Tower. And I think he fell from Charlemagne's grace.


Arcana: The Chariot

Reason: He is driven to prove himself a great knight.


Arcana: The Magician

Reason: Like Bren is with Chase, X-Ray could also be considered the right hand man to Alpha. He also posses powers of inteligence and Monsuno Sight.


Arcana: The Empress

Reason: She appears arrogant, but has her warm side.


Arcana: The Chariot

Reason: He's Beyal's opposite. The closest I could think of that's the opposite of the Priestess is the Chariot. He appears driven and is easily irritated.


Arcana: Fortune

Reason: He's Dax's opposite. Bravo appears to make his own luck than relying on others.


Dr. Emmanuel Klipse 

Arcana: Hunger

Reason: For me, Hunger basically means pure evil. That's Klipse for you.


Arcana: Hermit

Reason: He's creepy and would rather let his "back pack" be in the spotlight than himself. Hermit is also a symbol of wisdom. Hardrave is intelligent. That fits.


Arcana: The Jester

Reason: He's a clone of Klipse and Chase. Jester is pretty much their Arcana combined.


Arcana: Death

Reason: She seeks a fight to the death with someone who is worthy. Not the precise meaning of this Arcana, but I didn't want to use Hunger again.


Arcana: The Magician

Reason: Argius is Medea's right hand man.


Arcana: The Devil

Reason: He's a slime ball with dark tendencies. That makes him of poor character.


Arcana: The Chariot

Reason: He's fierce, he's hot tempered, and a major fighter.

The Bookman

Arcana: The Tower

Reason: He's arrogant and this leads to his downfall.

Dom Pyro

Arcana: The Devil

Reason: He's an insane, heartless monster. Enough said.

One-Eyed Jack

Arcana: Death

Reason: He ties to return the Monsuno to their essence state.


Arcana: Strength

Resason: He seems to have strength outside as well as in.


Arcana: Priestess

Reason: She hardly speaks and she maybe knowledgeable.

Well, that's all I want to say. I know there's more, but I'll keep it to the main three. Tell me what you think. Thank you.

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