There's a demon called Yama and a race that's known as Yama in Japanese. This causes problems.

Ways of fixing this would be to rename the Yama Demon page to something like Yama_(demon) and have the Yama page automatically redirect to the Night Race page. One would of course need change all the pages that already link to Yama Demon page to keep the links working. Can one check to see exactly what pages do link to a particular page? Is there a way to automate the whole renaming process perhaps? Maybe a disambiguation page ought to be put in place for starters? On the other hand, there are only two articles that cause confusion and one already notes the issue in the opening header. Oh, what to do....

If anyone is actually able to see this then any thoughts or help on the issue would be appreciated. -- Snowmanie 00:49, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

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