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Utgard LB 3

Utgard in Last Bible III

Utgard (ウトガルド, Utogarudo), also known as Útgarðar, is a demon in the series.


In Norse mythology, the Utgard were the outyards that surrounded the stronghold of the Jotunn (giants). This place is most associated with Utgard-Loki, a giant featured in a myth where Loki and Thor are involved. In other interpretations of the Norse myths, the Utgard is the final of the three worlds connected to Yggdrasil, the other two being Asgard and Midgard, being the home of the demons.



Last Bible IIIEdit

Level HP MP Attack Defense
16 160 83 64 23
Strength Endurance Intelligence Speed Luck
13 14 13 10 10
Equipment Equips All Card Location Mutation: Giant I
List of Skills
Bitaluja Straja

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