The Valley of Despair is a location in the series.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

The Valley of Despair is the first section of the Expanse, ruled by Asmodai. It can only be reached if the protagonist holds the Orb of Sorrow, obtained by defeating Bael. Asmodai holds the Orb of Insanity, which is required to travel to the Fields of Lunacy.

The Flood Tide Orb is hidden in an underground lake in one of the caves near Asmodai's. It is guarded by 8 Hydras and can only be retrieved by Undine. It is required to gain entry to Belial's Castle in the Fields of Lunacy.


Megami Tensei IIEdit

Gloomy VillageEdit

Armor Def Charm Resist Sex Stats Price
Light Metal Suit 3 1 - Male - ћ1800
Fire Guard 8 2 Fire2 Male - ћ15000
Dragon Mail 10 4 Elec Male Sp +1 ћ40000

Helm Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Dullahan Helm 4 - Male In +1 ћ5800
Devil Head 4 - Male In +2 ћ13000
Lion Helm 4 Fire2 Male In +2, Lu +2 ћ38000

Glove Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Crusher Hand 3 - Male St +5 ћ4200
Devil Hand 3 - Male St +6, Vi +1 ћ25000
Yakut Arm 3 - Male St +7 ћ55000

Boot Def Sex Stats Price
Jet Boots 2 Male Sp +5 ћ5400
Heavy Metal Boots 4 Male Sp +2, St +1 ћ11000
Hermes' Sandals 3 Male Sp +8 ћ53000

Sad VillageEdit

Armor Def Charm Resist Sex Stats Price
Thunder Guard 8 - Elec Female - ћ9000
Freeze Guard 9 7 Ice2 Female - ћ27000
Panzer Armor 12 4 All Female - ћ78000

Helm Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Red Cap 3 ElecFire Female In +4 ћ8500
Psycho Helm 4 Psyche Female In +3 ћ26000
Dragon Helm 5 Ice2 Female In +2, Lu +1 ћ57000

Glove Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Fire Arm 3 Ice Female St +5 ћ8400
Dragon Claw 4 - Both St +5, Vi +1 ћ12000
Panzer Arm 4 - Female St +6 ћ36000

Boot Def Sex Stats Price
Sky Boots 3 Female Sp +5 ћ8200
Hyper Boots 3 Female Sp +4, St +1 ћ24000
Dragon Boots 4 Female Sp +5 ћ34000


Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • Cave 1 - Jewel, Baby Face
  • Cave 2 - Vi Incense, St Incense, In Incense
  • Cave 3 - Jewel, Magic Source
  • Cave 4 - St Incense, Jewel
  • Cave 5 - In Incense, Flood Tide Jewel (Requires Undine)
  • Asmodai's Cave - Jewel x2, St Incense


Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • Tan boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Race Level Drop Area
Stone Golem Jaki 33 Demonslayer Map
Vetala Haunt 35
Kiyohime Femme 36 Death Blade
Griffon Beast 36 -
Troll Fairy 35 Death Blade Caves
Gozuki Brute 38
Mezuki Brute 44 Megaton Axe
Fleurety Jaki 39 Death Blade Caves,
Asmodai Cave
Dullahan Haunt 39
Ladon Wilder 40 -
Morgan Yoma 43 Megaton Axe
Hydra Kaijuu 48 Excalibur Lake Cave
Upelluri Jirae 40 Kusanagi Asmodai Cave
Kushinada Yoma 40
Onamuchi Yoma 48 Muramasa
Asmodai Tyrant 80 Orb of Insanity (Key)

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