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Wild Hunt as it appears in Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Wild Hunt (ワイルド・ハント, Wairudo Hanto) is a demon in the series.


The Wild Hunt is an ancient folk myth prevalent across Northern, Western and Central Europe. The fundamental premise in all instances is the same: a phantasmal group of huntsmen with the accoutrements of hunting, horses, hounds, etc., in mad pursuit across the skies or along the ground, or just above it.

The hunters may be the dead or the fairies (often in folklore connected with the dead). The hunter may be an unidentified lost soul, a deity or spirit of either gender, or may be a historical or legendary figure like Theodoric the Great, the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag, Woden (or other reflexes of the same god, such as Alemannic Wuodan in Wuotis Heer ("Wuodan's Host") of Central Switzerland, Swabia etc.), or Arawn.

It has been variously referred to as Wilde Jagd (German: "wild chase") or Wildes Heer (German: "wild host"), Herlaþing (Old English: "Herla's assembly"), Woden's Hunt, Herod's Hunt, Cain's Hunt, the Devil's Dandy Dogs (in Cornwall), Gabriel's Hounds (in northern England), Ghost Riders (in North America), Mesnée d'Hellequin (Old North French: "household of Hellequin"), Cŵn Annwn (Welsh: "hounds of Annwan"), divoká honba or štvaní (Czech: "wild hunt", "baiting"), Dziki Gon or Dziki Łów (Polish) and Oskoreia or Åsgårdsreia (Norwegian: "ride of Asgard"). The origin of this name is uncertain, and the reference to Asgard is reckoned to be a corruption by some scholars (a Dano-Norwegian misinterpretation).

Seeing the Wild Hunt was thought to presage some catastrophe such as war or plague, or at best the death of the one who witnessed it. Mortals getting in the path of or following the Hunt could be kidnapped and brought to the land of the dead. A girl who saw Wild Edric's Ride was warned by her father to put her apron over her head to avoid the sight. Others believed that people's spirits could be pulled away during their sleep to join the cavalcade.

Medieval legends of the Wild Hunt are mostly from the area encompassed by modern-day Germany, where it was also known as the "Wild Army", or "Furious Army". There, its leader was given various identities, including Wodan (or "Woden"), Knecht Ruprecht (cf. Krampus), Berchtold (or Berchta), and Holda (or "Holle"). The Wild Hunt is known from the post-medieval folklore of Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and to a lesser extent Norway.



Strange JourneyEdit

"Terrifying ghouls that ride through the night skies in many European folk tales.
They are a group of hunters on horseback with a pack of hunting dogs. It is said a pagan goddess with the stigmata of demons leads them. They lay waste wherever they ride, and take those who see them to the land of the dead.
—Strange Journey Compendium


Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyEdit

Level Race Alignment HP MP ST MA AG VI LC
55 Night Neutral-Chaos 451 238 35 30 43 32 35
Attack Type Physical Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Expel Curse Almighty
Single foe/1/Physical/none - - - - - - Weak Null -
Poison Paralyze Stone Strain Sleep Charm Mute Fear Bomb Rage
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Natural Skills
Mamudo Zan-Ei Life Aid
D-Source Skills
Madness Crush Arrow Rain Charge


Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

Night 53 596 118 73 65 51 59 48
Physical Phys Gun Gun Fire Fire Ice Ice Elec Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
- - - - - - Weak -
Ailment resistance -
Normal attack Physical, one hit, one enemy
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect Level
Blast Arrow 16 MP Medium gun damage to all foes. Innate
Dream Fist 9 MP Weak physical damage and 70% sleep to one foe. Innate
Mana Surge Auto Increases max MP by 30%. 56
Evolve into Abaddon (58)

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

Wild Hunt DSSH
Race Level HP MP CP MAG Summon
Night 33 268 109 7 524
Strength Intelligence Magic Endurance Agility Luck
10 8 11 8 7 6
Personality Phys Attack Phys Hit Mgc Attack Mgc Hit Base Defense Avoid
Wild 86 52 98 26 98 52
Resist Void Absorb Reflect Weak
- - - Death Expel
List of Skills
Valiant Dance Sneak Attack MAG Drainer


Wild Hunt Card
Sprite from Card Summoner

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