Wind Expanse DCMR

Wind Expanse World Map in Devil Children Messiah Riser

Wind Expanse (魔界 風, Wind Makai), also known as DemWind and Marble Land (マーブルランド), is a world in the Devil Children.



Devil Children Black/Red BookEdit

Known as Marble Land, it is one of the smaller worlds that makes up the Expanse. The Shura, Rasetsu, and Deva tribes are the lands main inhabitants alongside Golems who reside in the Coliseum. The third realm visited by Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname. It has no current Tyrant and the three tribe leaders Vritra, Vibhishana, and Indra have lead their tribes in a long war to see who will rule the land.

It once had vast riches that was eventually used up to fund the fighting, until even that ran dry. A new method to declare the Tyrant was eventually voted upon and a ceasefire was made. They eventually agreed to a tournament called the Ballroom Competition held in the coliseum, from which the winner will become the lands new Tyrant.

Depending on Setsuna/Mirai's choice one of the three tribe leaders will become the lands new Tyrant, while another joins the party, and the third stays to help the new ruler.

Devil Children White BookEdit

Transformed into the Wind Expanse after Ragnarok at the end of Black/Red Book, it is now a lush land of forests and water. It is separated into islands, with the main one being split into the lower cliffs and upper cliffs. Demons of Hindu mythology, including the three tribe leaders and their respective tribes from Marble Land, live on the upper cliffs. The lower cliffs have demons of various Types living there.

Brahman is worshiped by the Hindu demons and has his own temple, where Kali serves as one of his priests. The Angel Nathanael resides in the Temple of Wind found on one of the smaller islands. A Rainbow Kite and the winds summoned by Stribog are required for one to travel through the skies and between the islands.


Known as DemWind, Akira starts his journey in Dark Version in this land. His journey beyond it is prevented by a Time Rift, which requires the ruler Tupon's Hyper Pinwheel to remove. The guardian demon Kibra also resides in this land, watching over its vast forests. In Light Version Jin can simply travel through it to reach DemCenter, but a optional quest involving helping Kibra can be done before then. Completing the quest and defeating the Redcap will have her join the party.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Jin must travel through the Wind Expanse on his route. The demon Kudlak joins him to aid against the Imperium forces, the Imperium general Shuten-Doji betrays them to ally with Jin, and Amanojaku is revealed to be a spy for their forces. Hecatoncheir becomes the general commanding the Imperium forces at the Wind Shrine.

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