Ashihara Nakatsu, the entrance to Yomotsu Hirasaka

Yomotsu Hirasaka (黄泉比良坂*)? is a location in the series.


According to Japanese mythology, the Yomotsu Hirasaka is a slope that leads to the entrance of Yomotsu-kuni or Yomi, the underworld. Izanagi entered the Yomi through this gate to retrieve his wife Izanami, and after discovering her rotting self, fled to the surface world and placed a boulder on the slope to stop the creatures of the Yomi, Yomotsu-Shikomes and Yomotsu-Ikusas, sent by Izanami to capture him.



Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

The underworld Nanashi arrives in after being killed by Adramelech. He travels the distorted land mass and talks to the spirits who leave until he arrives at the pillar of light. There, Dagda appears before him and offers to give him a second chance at life in exchange for being his God killer.

Whenever Nanashi dies, rather than being sent to the River Styx, he is returned to this place, where Dagda will fill Charon's traditional role of offering to revive him again at a price. However, as Dagda has a personal investment in Nanashi's continued survival, he will continue to offer to revive Nanashi for free unless declined or prevented from doing so due to storyline reasons.

Persona 4Edit

  • Background Music: 回廊 (lit. Corridor)
  • Available: March 20th, 2012
  • Deadline: March 20th, 2012
  • "Victim": N/A
  • Floors: 9

Unique from other dungeons, it is not manifested from humanity's thoughts or wills, but created by Izanami, in which the dungeon expands upon feeding humanity's wishes. Its name is derived from the slope that leads to Yomi (the underworld) where the Great Deity Izanagi placed a giant boulder to seal the entrance.

Yomotsu Hirasaka can only be accessed in the True Ending of Persona 4. Realizing that their work hasn't been fully finished, the Investigation Team decides to investigate their journey once again, only to find out that there is a 'conductor' secretly observing their actions, and pulling the strings behind Ameno-sagiri's plans of overrunning the world with Shadows.

Upon further reminiscence, the Protagonist eventually remembers his interactions with the Moel Gas Station Attendant, and in there reveals that the Attendant was the one who awakened the Protagonist's Persona. The Attendant later reveals her true identity as the great goddess Izanami, and tells the Protagonist that she shall be awaiting the Protagonist in Yomotsu Hirasaka.

Venturing to Yomotsu Hirasaka, the Protagonist eventually realizes that Yomotsu Hirasaka is the very first area he landed in his dreams during his first day in Yasoinaba, and realizes that Izanami was indeed the one who has been conducting the Protagonist's actions all along.

Following the legend of Izanagi and Izanami, Yomotsu Hirasaka is the border of the underworld and the living in Japanese Mythology, in which the dungeon takes the appearance of old Japanese Shinto shrine structures and architectures. Also, according to the legend, as Izanami was forever sealed within Yomi, she indeed awaits the Protagonist and the others in the deepest depths of the floor, taking the fabricated appearance of a goddess and her subsequent rotting, death-ridden form. Despite her attempts to kill the party, the Protagonist masters the power of his Social Links to recreate Izanagi into Izanagi-no-Okami, who defeats her in a single strike. As Izanami fades away, she praises the team for finding the truth and defeating her; with her destruction, the fog finally lifts within the Midnight Channel.

Persona 4: Dancing All NightEdit

  • Soundtrack: “Fog" (ATLUS Konishi Remix)
  • Dancer: Tohru Adachi

Yomotsu Hirasaka reappears as one of the DLC stages of Persona 4: Dancing All Night.


Persona 4Edit

Locked chestsEdit

Tsubaki-Otoshi Protagonist weapon Sonidori Wear Male armor Uzume Robe Female armor Power Muscle Accessory Demon Charm Accessory
Defense Essence Accessory Speed Star Accessory Lucky Seven Accessory God's Love Accessory Amaterasu Fob Accessory
Moon Potpourri Accessory Kagutsuchi Vow Accessory Kagutsuchi Pin Accessory Eye of Flame Accessory Kuraokami Vow Accessory
Kuraokami Pin Accessory Eye of Ice Accessory Takefutsu Vow Accessory Takefutsu Pin Accessory Eye of Thunder Accessory
Shinatobe Vow Accessory Shinatobe Pin Accessory Eye of Wind Accessory Eagle Eye Accessory Sigma Drive Accessory
Omega Drive Accessory Awareness Note Accessory Rebirth Prophecy Accessory Space Badge Accessory Wizard's Mark Accessory
Divine Pillar Accessory Cat Whisker Accessory Barbaric Bracers Accessory Rudra Ring Accessory Chakra Ring Accessory
Retribution Mask Accessory Blessed Hands Accessory Gas Mask Accessory Confusion Hat Accessory Bold Ball Accessory
Mask of Truth Accessory Frozen Rose Accessory Healthy Homa Accessory Pitch Pipes Accessory Alarm Clock Accessory
Book of the Void Accessory Bead Item Bead Chain Item Chewing Soul Item Soul Food Item
Soma Item Chest Key x3 Item

Normal chestsEdit

Peach Seed Life Stone Soul Drop Snuff Soul Revival Bead
Balm of Life Hiranya Amrita Soda Purifying Water Purifying Salt
Physical Mirror Magic Mirror Assault Signal Diamond Shield Super Sonic
Homunculus Vanish Ball Goho-M San-zun Tama Hell Magatama
Dry Ice Frost Magatama Tesla Coil Arc Magatama Yashichi
Cyclone Magatama Segaki Rice Curse Paper Smart Bomb Chest Key
Trap Chest

Shuffle Time PersonasEdit

Persona 4Edit

Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana Level Persona Arcana
66 Melchizedek Justice 66 Hell Biker Hanged Man 67 Kartikeya Star
68 Belial Devil 68 Seth Moon 68 Horus Sun
69 Surt Magician 69 Yurlungur Temperance 70 Tzitzimitl Priestess
70 Alilat Empress 70 Hachiman Hierophant 71 Vasuki Hanged Man
72 Atavaka Chariot 73 ArahabakiHermit 75 Saturnus Star
77 Baal Zebul Moon 77 Suparna Sun


Persona 4Edit

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Divine Mother 76 415 400 Fire, Wind - - Ice, Elec - 1
Wrathful Book 76 382 445 - - - - Light, Dark 1
Crazy Twins 76 444 169 Fire, Light, Almighty* - Dark Phys - 1-2
Eternal Sand 77 342 243 Elec - Dark - - 1-2
Pure Papillon 76 305 511 - - - - - 1-3
Emperor Beetle 77 274 231 Elec Phys - - - 2-3
Primitive Idol 77 338 523 - - - - - 2-3
Silent Nyogo 77 430 179 Fi*, Ic*, El*, Wi* - - - - 2-3
Grand Magus 79 401 644 Ice, Wind, Dark Phys, Fire, Elec - - - 3-4
Grudge Tower 78 643 475 Ice - - Fire - 3-4
Mistress Pot 78 385 218 Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind - - - Phys, Light, Dark 3-4
Phantom Hero 78 325 438 Fire, Dark - - - Light 3-4
Doom Sword 79 437 149 Ic, Dk, Fi*, El*, Wi* - Li - - 4-5
Gracious Cupid 79 262 252 - - - - - 4-5
Eternal Eagle 79 395 262 Ice, Phys* Fire - - - 5-6
Jotun of Grief 80 505 298 Wind, Light Phys Dark - - 5-6
Moon Okina 80 345 383 Elec Phys - - Ice 5-6
Next Gene 80 625 339 Phys - - Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind - 5-6
Berserk Turret 80 854 174 Elec Phys - - - 6
Ptarmigan Panzer 81 521 120 Fire*, Ice* - - - - 6-7
Rebellious Cyclops 81 308 428 Ice - Elec - - 6-7
Stoic Snake 81 345 259 Fire Phys - - - 6-7
Acheron Seeker 79 223 208 Light - - Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind - 7
Rampage Drive 81 385 169 Elec, Phys* Wind, Almighty - - - 7
Brilliant King 81 246 256 - Phys Light, Dark - - 7-8
El Dorado Beast 82 408 94 Ice - Light, Dark - - 7-8
Reckoning Dice 82 500 189 Phys*, Alm* - - - Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind 7-8
Heartless Machine 83 100 130 Alm* Phys, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind - - - 7-8
Neo Minotaur 82 5100 379 Fi, Ic*, El*, Wi*, Alm* Phys - - - 8
Successful Junecy 82 307 300 Elec, Wind Phys, Almighty - Fire, Ice - 8
Void Giant 82 822 133 - - Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Light, Dark - -


  • * - Indicates attributes hidden from scan screen, mouse over for more information.


Persona 4Edit

Shadow LV HP SP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Floor
Neo Minotaur 78 4240 100 Fi*, Ic*, El*, Wi* - Light, Dark - - 3
Sleeping Table 82 2000 2000 - - Light, Dark - - 6
Izanami 90 3500 3000 - Phys* Light, Dark - - 9
Izanami-no-Okami 90 8500 3500 - Phys* Light, Dark Elec - 9
  • The battle against Izanami-no-Okami happens right after depleting all HP count of Izanami.
  • * - Indicates attributes hidden from scan screen, mouse over for more information.


  • In Persona 4, the background music of Yomotsu Hirasaka shares its theme with the bad ending staff roll.
  • In Persona 4 Golden, the new opening features subtle animations of Yomotsu Hirasaka's doors in the background while the characters are being introduced.


Persona 4 Yomotsu Hirasaka
Persona 4 Yomotsu Hirasaka 2
Izanami's location

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