Yongen-Jaya (四軒茶屋) is a location in Persona 5.


Yongen-Jaya is based on Sangen-Jaya.



Persona 5Edit

Yongen-Jaya is one of first three movable areas on Tokyo map at the beginning of the game. It is where Sojiro Sakura's Cafe Leblanc, Sojiro Sakura's house, Tae Takemi's Takemi Medical Clinic, a supermarket, a public bathhouse and a batting center are located.

Gallery Edit

Yongen-Jaya's map icon.


Yongen-Jaya is not a real location in Japan, but rather a reference Sangen-Jaya (三軒茶屋), a real life Tokyo station located in Setagaya. The first kanji of Yongen-Jaya is the next numeric kanji after Sangen-Jaya.

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