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Yosuke Naito
Japanese Name 内藤陽介
Romaji Naitou Yousuke
Revelations Name Bruce
First Appearance Megami Ibunroku Persona

Yosuke Naito is a minor character from Megami Ibunroku Persona. In Revelations, he is known as Bruce.



Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

"A ladies' man who went missing along with Chisato Kasai two months ago."
—PSP introduction

Yosuke Naito is a second-year student in St. Hermelin High School. In the past, he and Maki Sonomura had unresolved attraction to each other. Due to her feelings of inadequacy and jealousy over Maki, Chisato Kasai directly began to pursue Yosuke and eventually became romantically involved with him.

Two months prior to the beginning of the game, Yosuke and Chisato have both mysteriously disappeared with rumors suggesting they may have eloped. In truth, they were transported into Maki's alternate world through the DEVA System. They are separated a little after arriving as Chisato is turned into the Harem Queen by Aki. After the player defeats the Harem Queen, Yosuke appears to comfort Chisato. He admits while he originally was interested in Maki, he eventually fell in love with Chisato. He states that he doesn't care that Chisato's face has been marred by the moles caused by her abuse of the mirror.

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