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Yūji Kimoto
Japanese Name 紀本祐史
Romaji Kimoto Yuuji
First Appearance Episode 1
Persona Utnapishtim
Affiliation Marebito
Japanese VA Nobuo Tobita

Yūji Kimoto is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

One of the culprits behind the Reverse cases, Yuji is an aggressive and violent young man. He is the first member of Marebito introduced in the anime when he attempts to consume Yumi Tasaka's Persona and comes into conflict with Ryo Kanzato. Later that evening, he is the first member of Marebito to have his Persona severed from him by Shin Kanzato's Abel.

Yuji struggles to contain his Persona's large amount of consumed Persona and is often seen taking Persona Suppressors. He respects Touma Shikura like an older brother and has trouble telling him that he can no longer summon his Persona, leading to an incident where he is unable to provide the back-up he usually provided the other, leaving Touma undefended to Ryo Kanzato's attacks. After Touma's death, he attempts to run away from Marebito and is caught by Mareya Kujou as the first sacrifice to Ayane Komatsubara's clone.


Yuji Attacks
Yuji attacks Yumi
Yuji Containment
Yuji in containment

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