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Yuuki Mishima
Yuki Mishima
Japanese Name 三島 由輝
Romaji Mishima Yūki
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana The Moon
Japanese VA Daisuke Sakaguchi
English VA Sean Chiplock
"It's not just Japan anymore. The whole world's waiting to see the Phantom Thieves' next move."
—Yuuki Mishima, Persona 5

Yuuki Mishima is a character from Persona 5.



Yuuki has short spiky black hair with a blue tint, and wears his Shujin Academy's white shirt school uniform. His shoes are white and green.

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

"I'd really like to help out in the Phantom Thieves' acts of justice! ...Can I, please?"
—Yuuki Mishima to the protagonist, Persona 5

Yuuki is a second year high school student at Shujin Academy and classmate of the protagonist and Ann Takamaki in class 2-D. He is a member of Suguru Kamoshida's volleyball club, and is a frequent target of Kamoshida's abuse. He is also often told by Kamoshida to call the students for his "advice sessions" and spreads bad rumors on the internet about anyone disliked by Kamoshida including the protagonist even though Yuuki is fully aware this is wrong.

When the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto are looking for witness to testify Kamoshida's abuse, like everyone else, he refuses to say anything out of fear.

He is later told by Kamoshida to call for Ann's best friend, Shiho Suzui, to his office even though there is not supposed to be a session. When Shiho tries to commit suicide the next day, Yuuki is horrified and reveals to the protagonist and Ryuji what Kamoshida has done. Following this information, Ryuji confronts Kamoshida with the protagonist and Yuuki following him, resulting Kamoshida's decision to expel them. Fortunately for Yuuki, his expulsion is overturned thanks to Kamoshida's confession after his corrupted heart is stolen by the protagonist, Ryuji, Ann and Morgana. Yuuki then apologizes to Ann for not saying anything even though he knew what happened and also to the protagonist for spreading bad rumors about him and promises he will make it up to him.


Yuuki with the popularity poll.

After Kamoshida's arrest, he realizes that the protagonist, Ryuji and Ann are the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and approaches the protagonist more frequently. He is so obsessed with the gang that he creates and manages the "Phantom Aficionado Website" (Phan-site) by himself which holds the anonymous poll "do you believe in the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, or not?" and collects heist requests. The player can take the identified requests from his site and solve them in Mementos, the Palace of the general public which does not have a more dedicated Palace to represent the individuals. His goal is to raise the support for the Phantom Thieves because he believes that they are administering justice.

When Yaldaboth begins to merge the Palace realm with reality, Yuuki is one of few people who are able to see the changes at the city while everyone else does not. During the final battle, everyone else is finally able to see the changes and begins to panic until they sees the Phantom Thieves' mark on the TV screen. Yuuki supports the Phantom Thieves and urges everyone to do the same, which greatly weakens Yaldabaoth and gives the protagonist enough power to evolve Arsene into his Ultimate Persona, Satanael, defeating Yaldabaoth.

Following the protagonist's arrest, if the protagonist has maximized his Confidant bond, Yuuki will be seen asking around to find evidence to prove the protagonist's innocence in the street assault against Masayoshi Shido.

P5 Yuki's Shadow

Shadow Yuuki.

If the player explores the Mementos, they will find Shadow Yuuki which is Yuuki's repressed feelings. His Shadow Self is born from the real Yuuki wanting to get revenge against his bullies using his Phan-site to threaten them both in online and offline, and his desire to use the website for his own popularity. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts notice this and confront him. The protagonist helps Shadow Yuuki face himself and once Shadow Yuuki realizes he is using the Phantom Thieves the real Yuuki also realizes this and regret it. The real Yuuki decide to use the Phan-site to let the people's voice be heard to the Phantom Thieves.


Yuuki's Confidant unlocks automatically on May 6th and progresses through completing the requests on his site. However, other missions received from Yuuki's chat messages do not count towards his Confidant affinity. Yuuki's Confidant increases the experience gained as well as allows non-active party members to gain experience. Maxing out his Confidant allows every party member to gain experience evenly.

The item received by maxing Yuuki's Confidant is a "reportage summary" - EXP bonuses for bench party members are fully available.

1May 6thMishima's SupportBackup members receive a fraction of EXP.
3?Mishima's Earnest SupportBoosts EXP gain.
5?Mishima's Diehard SupportBoosts EXP gain of backup members.
7?Believer's SupportBoosts EXP gain even more.
10?Wish for SalvationBackup members receive same amount of EXP as active members.

Gallery Edit

Persona 5
Persona 5 Portraits
P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima
Yuuki Mishima's portrait
P5 portrait of Yuuki Surprised
Yuuki surprised
P5 Portrait of Yuuki Sad
Yuuki sad
P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima's summer school uniform
Yuuki's summer school uniform
P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima's casual clothes
Yuuki's casual clothes
P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima's swimsuit
Yuuki's swimsuit
P5 Yuki's injured portrait
Yuuki's injured portrait
P5 Yuki's Shadow
P5 animated expression of Yuki Mishima 02
Unused portrait
P5 animated expression of Yuki Mishima 01
Unused sad portrait
Persona 5 (Manga)
P5 Manga Yuuki Mishima
Yuuki Mishima in the manga adaption
Yuuki passing by Shiho


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