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Yuki Mishima
Yuki Mishima
Japanese Name 三島 由輝
Romaji Mishima Yuki
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana The Moon
Japanese VA Daisuke Sakaguchi
"You're the Phantom Thief, ain't you?"
—Yuki Mishima whispers to the protagonist, Persona 5

Yuki Mishima is a character from Persona 5.



Yuki has short spiky black hair, and wears his Syujin High School's white shirt school uniform.

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

"Phantom Thieves' self-appointed public relations officer"
—Yuki's title in the Japanese official site

Yuki is a second year male student at Syujin High School and classmate of the protagonist in class 2-D. He is a member of Suguru Kamoshida's volleyball club, and is always getting himself hurt. He is possibly responsible for spreading bad rumors about the protagonist under Kamoshida's order. After a certain incident, he realizes that the protagonist is one of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and approaches him more frequently. He is so obsessed with the gang that he creates the website "Ask the Phantom Thieves Channel" by himself which holds the anonymous poll "do you believe in the Phantom Thieves of Hearts?" and collects heist requests. The player can take the requests from his site and solve them in Mementos, the Palace of the general populace who do not have a more dedicated Palace to represent the individuals. His goal is to raise the support for the Phantom Thieves because he believes that they are administering justice.


Yuki's Cooperation unlocks automatically on 6th May and progresses through completing the requests on his site. However, other missions received from Yuki's chat message does not count towards his Coop affinity.

16th MayYuki's CheeringAll party members receive EXP regardless of active or reserved.
3?Yuki's Diehard CheeringBoosts EXP gain.

Gallery Edit

P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima
Yuki Mishima's portrait
P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima's summer school uniform
Yuki's summer school uniform
P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima's casual clothes
Yuki's casual clothes
P5 portrait of Yuki Mishima's swimsuit
Yuki's swimsuit
P5 Yuki's injured portrait
Yuki's injured portrait
P5 Yuki's Shadow
Yuki's Shadow
P5 animated expression of Yuki Mishima 01
P5 animated expression of Yuki Mishima 02


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