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Yusuke Kitagawa


P5 Yusuke Kitagawa, Phantom Thief

Also known as Fox (Code Name),
Japanese Name 喜多川 祐介,
フォックス, イナリ
Romaji Kitagawa Yūsuke,
Fokkusu, Inari
First Appearance Persona 5
Affiliation Phantom Thieves of Hearts
Age 16
Melee Weapon Katana
Ranged Weapon Assault Rifles
Arcana The Emperor
Persona Goemon, Kamu Susanoo
Japanese VA Tomokazu Sugita
English VA Matthew Mercer
"Recruit me to your team, Phantom Thieves."
—Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5

Yusuke Kitagawa is a playable character from Persona 5.



Yusuke has short dark blue hair with parted bangs slightly covering his left eye and gray eyes. He wears his school's uniform normally. It consists of a white long sleeve button up shirt that has his fleur-de-lis-shaped school's emblem, black trousers and shoes. He is also seen carrying several silver keys attached to his belt.

His burglar outfit consists of a fox mask, black jumpsuit, white motorcycle boots, blue gloves, waist sash, and a long white fox tail with a red ribbon wrapped round it.


As cool, calm and collected as he appears on the outside, Yusuke is very methodical, intelligent and elegant as well. He holds his mentor, Madarame, in extremely high regards and greatly respects and admires him. Having been sheltered for most of his life, Yusuke is unaccustomed to the ways of the society he lives in and because of this, his naïveté shows more times than not. His whole life's passion surrounded by art, he sees an aesthetic in mostly everything, and even has a desire to draw his fellow friends/Phantom Thieves (especially Anne).

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

Yusuke is an honor student in an art course at the Kosei Public High School. Orphaned at a young age, he was found to have artistic talents and he is currently a live-in disciple of a famous Japanese painter by the name of Ichiryusai Madarame.

Yusuke approaches Anne Takamaki before being misunderstood as a stalker by the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto. He asks Anne to become a model for his next art, inviting her to go to his master's art exhibition to consider his offer. Hearing Madarame is a fraud, the Phantom Thieves decides to accept Yusuke's offer so they can investigate Madarame. They directly asks Yusuke about this, which angers Yusuke who continuously defends his master. After hearing about Madarame's doing from his former disciple, Natsuhiko Nakanohara, and locates his Palace, Anne and Morgana tries to find the proof of Madarame's deception by once again accepting Yusuke's offer to become his model while the protagonist and Ryuji enters Madarame Palace. Anne sweet-talks Yusuke to let her enter Madarame's studio where they found the evidence of Madarame's deception. When Madarame threatened to call the police, Anne and Morgana runs away, and Yusuke follows them as well, leading him to enter Madarame Palace. Even after seeing the proof earlier, Yusuke still wants to believe in his master, so he decides to follow the Thieves to find out the truth.

Meeting Shadow Madarame, his master's Shadow reveals that to him, Yusuke is an art slave. He admits that he has been indeed stealing his students' artwork and declares it as his won. Once Yusuke learns of this truth, his desperation to find any decent goodness in his mentor turns into that of complete and utter desire for Madarame's retribution. Yusuke awakens his Persona, Goemon. Retreating to the real world, Yusuke asks to be allowed to join the Phantom Thieves, which permitted by Morgana.

Confronting Shadow Madarame along with the Phantom Thieves for the last time, Shadow Madarame reveals his real treasure, the real Sayuri that Yusuke's mother had painted. From this, Yusuke deduces that his mother's death is not a simple accident. Shadow Madarame confirms this, revealing that when Yusuke was a little boy, all other disciples of Madarame began to distance themselves away from him after learning of his true nature, leaving only Yusuke's mother, Sayuri. Around the time Yusuke was born, Sayuri created an art piece of herself happily holding her newborn son in her arms. When Madarame came across this beautifully constructed work of art, he made a deal with Sayuri in which he'd agreed to let Yusuke become a new member of the family in exchange of holding on to the artwork. One tragic day, Madarame witnessed Sayuri having a seizure in front of him, and instead of easily offering medical support, he let her die in vain and made duplicates of her last piece dedicated to her son to sell to the public, which granted him the fame and credit he has today. In order to give it "mystery," Madarame altered the art by removing the baby from the picture completely. Since he was just 3 years old, Yusuke receives no credit or recognition for his brilliant work; Madarame uses them to take the credit for his own, just like he did to Sayuri, Natsuhiko and his other disciples many years ago.

Now knowing the whole truth, Yusuke thanks his former mentor because now he no longer has any reason to forgive him. Eventually defeating him and stealing his heart, Yusuke retrieves the real Sayuri painting that his mother had painted for him. Back in reality, Madarame confesses to his crimes and is swiftly punished and discredited for it. Yusuke sadly recalls the "happy family" he lived in when Madarame's other disciples were around and how as he grew older, he never lost the hope that they would come back and they all could be happy once again. Now that he is part of the Phantom Thieves, he feels like he has another "happy family" again. Wanting to let go of the past, Yusuke gives the Sayuri painting to the protagonist who then displays it at Cafe Le Blanc.


1Replicate Card One
2Baton TouchPass One More turn to another ally.
3Follow-up Attack
4Artist's Talk
5Replicate Card Two
6Paper Fan RecoveryChance of curing another ally from common ailment.
7Replicate Card Ultimate
8EndureSurvives one fatal blow with 1 HP remaining per battle.
9Human ShieldCovers the protagonist from one single-targeted fatal blow.
10Ultimate AwakeningUnlocks Odin's fusion and transfigures Goemon into Kamu Susanowo.

Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers Edit

"We're the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. We've come to answer the cries of the oppressed."
—Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers

Yusuke is first seen walking with Naoya Makigami and alerts the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to Naoya's post on the Phantom Thief Channel. He convinces them that they need to stop Kazuya's gang with a more permanent solution than just reporting them to the police. Yusuke is the one to confirm that Naoya is being abused, as he notices bruises on Naoya's back and arms while they are changing clothes. He assists in fighting Kazuya's demon form, Mithras, dispatching his Onmoraki servant with Goemon's ice powers. After Kazuya's arrest, he and the other Phantom Thieves of Hearts prepare for their next heist, with Yusuke commenting that their "next prey is huge".

Battle quotesEdit

  • "He's my other self!" (Summoning Persona)
  • "Persona!" (Summoning Persona)
  • "Goemon!" (Goemon casting skill)


Persona 5
Yusuke cut-in
Yusuke's Close up
P5 Cinamatic artwork of Yusuke
Cinematic expressions concept artwork of Yusuke Kitagawa
P5 illustration 02
Promotional artwork by Shigenori Soejima
PERSONA5 package visual
Illustration of the main members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts
P5 illustration by Rokuro
Illustration of Yusuke, the Protagonist, Ryuji, Anne, and Morgana by Rokuro Saito
P5 Mysterious Male appearance
Yusuke as he appears in the anime opening of Persona 5
Yusuke staring at a canvas
P5 mysterious boy mask
Yusuke's fox mask
All-Out Attack finishing touch
P5 mysterious boy unnamed Persona
Yusuke's Persona, Goemon
Persona 5 Yusuke in his summer uniform
Yusuke in his summer school uniform.
Persona 5 Portraits
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa
Yusuke Kitagawa's portrait
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa's phantom thief outfit
Yusuke's Fox outfit
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa's phantom thief outfit without mask
Yusuke's Fox outfit without mask
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa's summer school uniform
Yusuke's summer school uniform
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa's summer attire
Yusuke's summer attire
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa's winter attire
Yusuke's winter attire
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa's swimsuit
Yusuke's swimsuit
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa's yukata
Yusuke's yukata
P5 portrait of Yusuke Kitagawa, nude
Portrait of Yusuke nude.
P5 animated expression of Yusuke Kitagawa 01
Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers
PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION - THE DAY BREAKERS - DVD package visual by Shigenori Soejima
Yusuke Kitagawa and his allies on the cover of Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers
P5 anime Yusuke
Yusuke Kitagawa in Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers
Tribute Artworks
P5 Illustration of the main characters by Akaume (PQ Roundbout illustrator)
Illustration of Yusuke and his allies by Akaume (PQ Roundabout author)
P5 Illustration of the Protagonist, Ryuji, Anne, Morgana and Yuske by Rokuro Saito
Illustration of Yusuke, the Protagonist, Ryuji, Anne, and Morgana by Rokuro Saito

Trivia Edit

  • Yusuke's last name and the design of his Persona Goemon are references to Utamaro Kitagawa (喜多川 歌麿), who was a Japanese artist. He is one of the most highly regarded practitioners of the ukiyo-e genre of woodblock prints, especially for his portraits of beautiful women, or bijin-ga. As an adult, he was known by the given names Yūsuke (勇助).
  • Yusuke's Code Name originates from Inari Ōkami, the Japanese god of foxes, which coincides with Yusuke's fox mask.
  • He has the same English voice actor, Matthew Mercer, who also voices Kanji Tatsumi in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Persona Q and Persona 4 Dancing All Night.

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