Yuuko Takizawa is a fellow student to Naoto Shirogane in Persona x Detective Naoto.



Persona x Detective NaotoEdit

A young, web-savvy girl that greets Naoto when she transfers to Yagokoro to help Touko Aoi with a case involving missing high school students. Yuuko introduces herself as a fan of the detective prince and admits she recognizes Naoto thanks to the internet fan following that's sprung up on a few message boards. This makes Yuuko easy to ask for help when it comes to finding out more about the high school students Naoto is investigating. Yuuko, a member of the school's newspaper staff, is happy to oblige.

But her connection to the case is a bit larger. It turns out she was friends with Kaoru Hioka who committed suicide due to the rumors on the Midnight Site. Yuuko feels particularly responsible as she was the one that introduced Kaoru to the site due to her jealousy.

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