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Zeus Kyuyaku Megami Tensei

Zeus official artwork from Kyuyaku Megami Tensei

Zeus (ゼウス?), known as Zenon (ゼノン?) in the Last Bible games, is a demon in the series.


In Greek mythology, Zeus is the "Father of Gods and Men", the King of gods, who rules the Olympians atop Mount Olympus. He is also the god of thunder and ruler of the sky.

Cronos, his father, had sired six children with Rhea, his wife: Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Hera, and Zeus himself. But Cronos swallowed them all because of a prophecy claiming that he would be overthrowned by his son, as he had overthrown his own father. Rhea, seeking revenge, hid Zeus at birth and gave Cronos a rock wrapped in cloth to swallow instead.

Once he reached adulthood, Zeus set to fight his father. He made Cronos vomit the rock and his brothers and sisters, then he freed the Titans, the Hecatonchires, and the Cyclopes, which started a war known as the Titanomachy. Once victorious, Zeus casts his father and the other Titans to Tartarus, then divides the world between himself, Poseidon, and Hades. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the sea, and Hades the Underworld.

Zeus was known to have slept with many women aside from Hera, and he had many sons and daughters. The most well known of them are Aphrodite, Hermes, Ares, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Hephaestus, Dionysus, and Heracles.



Kyuyaku Megami TenseiEdit

Zeus is one of the four new Deity in Megami Tensei II, and is extremely similar stat-wise to Lucifer's recruitable form. To obtain him, Megami Tensei II must be started from a completed Megami Tensei save. After killing Bael's frog, he can be created by fusing Leto, Artemis, and Apollo, regardless of the protagonist's level.

Last Bible IIEdit

Zenon can be created by fusing Pazuzu and Genbu.

Persona Q: Shadow of the LabyrinthEdit

Zeus is created through fusion by Elizabeth as the culmination of all her work. Upon summoning the persona his power proves too great for her, forcing itself into her and using her body to test the persona users, seeking for them to gain power of their own will without relying on brotherhood or being a mere lamb in the herd. Both forms of Zeus are used in the battle. After the fight he is overjoyed by the power and strength they show, inviting them to come to his realm one day where glory and battle awaits in a shining world beneath Yggdrasil.

This fight is only available in the post-game, after defeating the final boss, but before starting a new cycle. After defeating him, Margaret tells the myth of Zeus's and Cronos's relations to each other to either protagonist. Margaret also states that since Cronos is a symbol of death, Zeus is most likely a symbol of life, and that both teams are closely related to him.

After obtaining they key item allowing his creation, Warrior Zeus can be created through Special fusion, by fusing Michael, Satan, and Metatron. Zeus can then be created by fusing Warrior Zeus and Seth.

Devil Children Black Book/Red Book (PS)Edit

Zeus is obtained during Black Book by beating his wife Hera in Battle Net.


Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit

Megami Tensei IIEdit

Race Level HP MP CP
Deity 99 950 99 160
Vitality Intellect Strength Speed Luck Def
19 34 28 23 20 30
Resistances Resist: Gun, Sword, Fire, Ice, Elec, Expel; Null: Bind, Curse, Nerve, Mind; Repel: Force
List of Skills
Skill Cost Effect
Zandyne 10 MP Inflict massive Force damage to 1-2 enemies.
Maziodyne 15 MP Inflict massive Elec damage to all enemies.
Tentarafoo 6 MP Inflict medium damage and Panic status to 1-8 enemies.

Last BibleEdit

Zenon LB
Level HP MP Endurance
55 476 92 21
Intelligence Strength Speed Luck
15 21 17 15
List of Skills
Shock 2

Last Bible IIEdit

Zenon LB2
Level HP MP Attack Defense
80 835 140 136 128
Endurance Intelligence Strength Speed Luck
35 28 30 23 23
Equipment Sword, Shuriken, Shield
List of Skills
Zandyne Media
Makajami Stroja

Last Bible IIIEdit

Zenon LB3
Level HP MP Attack Defense
45 850 160 145 75
Strength Endurance Intelligence Speed Luck
24 22 20 18 22
Equipment Equips All Card Location -
List of Skills
Mabufula Mazanma


Race Level HP MP Movement Move Type Range Arcana
Boss 28 271 139 5 Ground 2-3 Metal Rain
Strength Intellect Magic Vitality Agility Luck Attack Defense Mag.Def.
9 14 14 11 9 11 135 58 47
Equip Weapons
Sl St Rn Fi Ic El Li Dk Al
List of Skills

Devil Children (PS)Edit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
King Thunder Boss 2634 60 650 315
77 74 68 67 66 66
List of Skills
JiongaMediarahanLight Spear
TetrakarnSabaki no IkazuchiTarukaja


Zeus PQ
Warrior Zeus and Zeus as they appears in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
Official artwork from Devil Children (PS)

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