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Zombie Type (ゾンビ) is a classification of demon in the Devil Children series. Demons of this type are brought back to life as zombies through relic fusion, which can also resurrect them fully once their soul gem is obtained.


List of DemonsEdit

DemiKids Light/Dark VersionEdit

Demon Level
Nemeazom 20
Humbazom 20
Argozom 26
Nuezom 26
Seryuzom 29
Suzakzom 29
Gembuzom 31
Byakozom 31
Batozom 32
Astarzom 32
Amonzom 38
Lamiazom 38
Brutzom 41
Neshazom 41
Pazuzom 45
Mekrazom 45
Krakzom 48
Dagonzom 48
Azelzom 50
Surtzom 50

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Demon Level
Nemea Zombie 20
Humbaba Zombie 20
Pabilsag Zombie 23
Argos Zombie 26
Nue Zombie 26
Seiryu Zombie 29
Suzaku Zombie 29
Genbu Zombie 31
Byakko Zombie 31
Barbatos Zombie 32
Astaroth Zombie 32
Flauros Zombie 34
Amon Zombie 38
Lamia Zombie 38
Tonatiuh Zombie 40
Behemoth Zombie 41
Ganesh Zombie 41
Alraune Zombie 43
Pazuzu Zombie 45
Girimekhakala Zombie 45
Kraken Zombie 48
Dagon Zombie 48
Azel Zombie 50
Surt Zombie 50
Echidna Zombie 52

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